Psychic TV - Dreams Less Sweet LP Reissue

Psychic TV has always been an acquired taste, and one that is not necessarily so easy to acquire. I first heard Psychic TV as a boy of probably 10 years old, and as much as I'd like to say I was instantly sold, I was not. My cousin had a vinyl edition of Dreams Less Sweet, the second PTV release, and she used to play it all the time. I remember yelling at her that it was boring and that she needed to play her brother's Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, and Iron Maiden records instead. But by the time I was 12 or so, I was craving something different, and I clearly remember begging her to put on Dreams Less Sweet so I could hear it again. And when she finally agreed to play it, she agreed with ten-year-old me that it was boring. Twelve-year-old me had different ideas, however. In the record's absence, I had acquired the taste for what Psychic TV had to offer. Sure, my parents thought I was nuts, and claimed that this wasn't really music, that it was just noise and nonsense, and to be fair, they probably had a point. I was a little crazy, and Dreams Less Sweet was noise and other assorted nonsense, but it was really music, and it was perhaps more real than anything else I had heard at the time. It was one of those seminal records that changed the way I listened to not only music, but to all sound. I listened to my dad's scanner more intently; I listened to the way the water fell into the sink as my mom or I washed the dishes; I listened to white noise on the television channels that didn't come in, looking for patterns or anything that could be deemed musical.

The funny thing is that as far ahead of it's time Dreams Less Sweet was, it still is ahead of it's time in so many ways. It still sounds so challenging, and yes, nonsensical (perhaps you prefer the word "playful," which was always the word I used to describe Psychic TV to my parents) at times, but it's such a beautiful record from start to finish that any perceived shortcomings you could possibly "find" in the record were and are easily dismissed as part of the genius. It's as good a record as you'll find, if you have that acquired taste. Well, I have that taste, and this reissue sounds absolutely stunning (in holophonic audio, of course).

The special red web-only edition, limited to 320 copies from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Edley ODowd's own Angry Love is still available, and I have to urge you pick up a copy. I got a black promo copy of the record, but I also put my order in for the red special edition, as the record comes with a CD of other music, a badge, a 12-page book with notes by Genesis, and some other fun stuff. This is a record that knows no boundaries - time, space, and all other dimensions were just concepts that Psychic TV had no use for with this album.

Get the special edition here.

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