Unconscious Collective 2xLP & Ecocide, When Will it End LP

This, the first record from a group that contains members of crust/metal band Dead to a Dying World and the grindcore duo Akkolyte, is something you must hear. The group calls itself Unconscious Collective, and once you hear the album, you'll understand why. Seamlessly melding rock and metal with free jazz, this record is really one of a kind. There have been plenty of rock and metal records that have incorporated jazz (or vice versa), but this is one of the best I've heard.  Ritual plays a significant part in how the Unconscious Collective approaches making music, as does the ability to improvise, and those facets of their sound are readily apparent in the final product.  The record veers all over the place, never quite letting the listener get into a groove or a locked rhythm of any sort, but that shouldn't turn you off, because for this record it really, really works. The album is a blur - in the best way possible. It's quite uncomfortable at times, and thus forces you to really give it your attention. Learn more about the band from the links above, and stream the album from the Tofu Carnage Bandcamp. But trust me - the double-LP, cut at 45 rpm on 180-gram vinyl, is where the shit is really at. Comes on milky-clear vinyl in a real nice heavyweight jacket, too. Highest recommendation for this album. Don't miss it. Only 250 were pressed. Get it from Tofu Carnage (for only $20).

The fact that Texas's Ecocide no longer exists is no reason to let this record pass you by. In fact, it should present you with a damn good reason to go out and get this. The self-titled Ecocide LP, which came out a couple years back and can be downloaded for free here, is outstanding, and still spends a good deal of time on my turntable. This LP, titled When Will It End, is terrific as well, bringing forth the same impassioned and furious yet sometimes beautifully reserved amalgam of crust and metal. Hear it for yourself, as it's available for streaming here. It's really too bad the band had to hang it up - I think they're pretty important, and share an important message. In any case, you can buy some merch (including the s/t LP) straight from the band here, but the new LP can for now only be preordered from Tofu Carnage.  Again, limited to 250, pressed on Bone with Olive Green Haze, and packed in a gatefold jacket.

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