Burial Hex "The Night" 12" EP

Image of EDGR#05 - BURIAL HEX "The Night/Brighter Than The Day" 12inch

Clay’s back with a new EP on foreign 12” vinyl.  The main track, “The Night” is a pretty slick slowburning depressive droner that really gets going with the accompaniment of some horns and an electronic rhythm.  Nathaniel Ritter of Kinit Her and Wreaths joins Clay on this track, responsible for the horns as well as some strings and vocals.  It is Clay who has really hit his stride here though.  Throughout his career, he has displayed many talents as a horror noise shocker, a deeply disturbed developer of drone, a skilled master of the keys in Phantom of the Opera style, and an electro craftsman of dark club beats.  Here, he takes the best of everything I love, like a creepy keyboard, a crawling drone, and poetry told in vampiric/Ian Curtis fashion.  Towards the last third or so of “The Night” you can even make out piano, which I’ve loved ever since “Stormclouds.”  Man, that was a great track, but this one’s pulling up as a close second.  Then, Side B’s “Brighter than the Day” was a little less expected for me.  It doesn’t begin loud or noisy, nor is it heavily emotive, which is what we can typically expect from Mr. Ruby.  This kicks off more like what I would call elevator music a la Burial Hex.  It’s mostly a little keyboard composition that creeps along developing into a complexity of electronic tempos and effects.  Further keys stray off into harmonization.  The only thing that hits you out of nowhere is an echo of sound bites choked from Clay’s shrieks.  I definitely feel like this is one of my most prized Burial Hex releases.  I love the dark wintery woodland photography of the front cover too, which was apparently taken by a member of Aluk Todolo.  Definitely a must, must, must for any fan.  Also, a nice place to start if you’re a new initiate to Burial Hex.

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