Four new tapes from Sequences

Our friend Niels Geybels has a slew of new releases available.

Tycho Magnetic Anomalies just released three cassettes from his music project, Sequences. The three recordings – Vespertine: A Tragedy in Several Tones of Grey, All Ash in Vain, and Buried Voices, were previously unavailable on cassette. Vespertine was released in unmastered form on limited edition CDr and free download in 2009. All Ash in Vain has been available as streaming audio since 2010, with no physical or downloadable releases made. Buried Voices is a new release, featuring a live recording of a Sequences show from late 2010. The audio on all three cassettes was mastered by Zen Zsigo. Each of the tapes are available in an edition of 35.

The tapes can be purchased together or individually from Tycho Magnetic Anomalies' webstore. There was a limited edition box set containing the three tapes in a stained wooden box, but it has already sold out. The tapes are $7 each, or $17 as a bundle. Streaming and downloadable audio is available at Sequences' Bandcamp page.

Also, new Canadian label, Total Black, is releasing a Sequences tape titled Transient Form. Transient Form contains all new material, recorded at the end of 2012. The tape comes with a 16-page zine with artwork. It is $8 and will be available soon at Total Black's webstore.

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