How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? “Self-titled” LP

Standing next to the other latest offering on Avant! Records, Lust for Youth’s “Saluting Rome” 12” EP, is How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?  By the way, it was actually co-released with Boring Machines, but since I’m doing a string of Avant! reviews that’s the only time I’ll mention it.  So, despite this artist's (sorry to say) obnoxiously long moniker, they're actually a real refreshing newcomer.  The trio’s sound is an interesting mix of minimalist drone worship with some kind of dark experimental psych thing.  The two sides of wax deliver six total tracks of slowburning dirge with heavy-hanging bass, shadowy chords, and early “Filth” era Michael Gira-esque deep vocals.  The focus is more about ambiance than song structure.  I know it sounds like a waste of audio space and money, like a giant bag of Doritos half-filled with air, but they make an interesting use of quiet.  For example, one of the sides spends a good minute or two stepping its way out of the shadows of silence to emerge like a gently rising writhing serpent of smoke into the night sky.  It would almost be sad if it got rolling right away; the stillness adds to the anticipation.  I think I hear the element of tape fuzz too, which always excites me.  Even though this record’s a little different for the Avant! label which delivers more post-punk and post-industrial acts, the overall mood of their discography still makes HMWWAWCIAWCCW feel right at home.  I love the LP aesthetic too, which really captures visually what you hear aurally.  Deliciously mysterious and black.  The cardboard sleeve is completely black with only a small defining image on the front.  The LP labels are black with nothing but simple, small typewriter style track titles.  The vinyl’s black.  To quote Willem Dafoe, “It kinda makes me feel like Riverdancin’.”

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