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Jacob is the new project by David Cordero and Marco Serrato. David Cordero is known by his project Úrsula. Marco Serrato is the bass and string bass player/vocalist in the avant doom metal band Orthodox and double bass player in Hidden Forces Trio. They decided to create something dark and heavy using Marco´s double bass, string bass and singing thru the electronic drones and endless reverbs of David Cordero. Their debut release The Ominous will be available via Utech Records in March 2013.

David Cordero:

The last months:
Stars of the Lids
  The Ballasted Orchestra  (Kranky)
Ketil Bjørnstad & Svante Henryson
  Night Song  (ECM)
  Ironworks  (Utech Records)
Tape Loop Orchestra
  In a Lonely Place  (Fac-ture)
Scott Walker
  Bish Bosh  (4AD)
Brian Eno
  Lux  (Warp)
Christoph Berg
  Paraphrases  (Fac-ture)
  We rose from your bed with the sun in our head (Young God)
  Quarter turns over a living line (Blackest Ever Black)
Brötzmann / Parker / Drake
  Never too late but always...(Eremite)
Fleetwood Mac  Rumours  (Warner)

Marco Serrato:

Here's some of the stuff I've been enjoying in the last months/weeks/days…

BRUCE'S FINGERS records stuff:
I've been drawning into Smon H. Fell's music and his label's catalogue. Fans of Zappa, Mingus or Anthony Braxton, here you'll find the next link!!

Composition No. 12.5 by Simon H. Fell, I think this is one of the best albums to get introduced to his music. The mix of jazz, free improvisation, compositions and electronics… compositions n. 30, 57 and 75 (Positions & Descripitons by SFE) are also among my favourites.  A personal universe from a hard working musician… inspiration!

Max by Simon H. Fell, I bought this one on cassette… listen a lot it in the kitchen, a solo double bass album fresh and wild. It's like an old hard-core tape someway…

The Exploding Flask Of Muesli by Simon H. Fell, a recent compilation of some lost electroacustic stuff… surprisingly, I love listening to it in the car (!$%&?)

foom! foom! by Hession / Wilkinson / Fell, one of his best in his free improvisation trio format. He has a lot of albums of this kind and all of them are awesome… Hession is an awesome drummer and I love how Wilkinson can play lyricaly without losing the aggressive touch. The trio is on fire here… love the cassette artwork!

Two Steps To Easier Breathing by Persuasion A, one of my favourites too. Here you can feel his Mingus influences perfectly. I´d love to listen a new album from him in this vein. There are some fragments in Composition 75, but I want more!

M.M. by Charles Wharf / Simon H. Fell, I love solo and duo albums because you can see naked ideas from musicians… Wharf is another amazing player and this album have some epic insane moments. I have litened to it a lot in the last months…

Inatween by The Geordie Approach, one of the few BF releases without Simon H. Fell on it. This is the second album from this free rock trio from UK/Norway.It will be one the releases of the year for me, very inspired playing.

Another stuff I've been listening to lately:
VOIVOD “Target Earth”; who could expect that Voïvod would record one of their best album after 30 years… without Piggy?!... here it is!

RUSH “clockwork angels”; I like EVERY Rush album and this is no exception. The songs are not as great as in the past, but there always good moments and the playing is still awesome.

IRON MAIDEN “Iron Maiden”; my 3 years old kid loves Maiden, so there's always a few of their albums near… this one it's been in the car for months. I've never listened to Maiden as much as in the last tow years! No problem, anyway… I never got tired of “Transylvania”

MATS GUSTAVSON “Bengt”; one of the jewels of the past year. I love that kind of album. One guy playing; what do you have to say? Any idea? Like in the old days, “play yourself” (as Mingus said) in front of the microphone and that´s all…

ORNETTE COLEMAN  “this is our music”, the classic Coleman's quartet has become as familiar and basic to me as Black Sabbath or Motörhead. Can't pass much time without listening to it.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT –“fire of unknown origin”; another classic at home and one of my favourite rock albums of all time…

RICHARD STRAUSS “Salomé” (Karl Böhm 1970); pure black metal sickness…

ANTON BRUCKNER “Symphonie No.8, -1890 edition” (Klaus Tennstedt); I had to played it last year with the Sevilla Conservatory Orchestra (I'm a late double bass student!) and felt in love whit it… a juggernaut of heaviness.

“War & Peace” – Leo Tolstoi; what to say? Everyone knows it. I love the russians, but I'm more a Dostoyevski / Gorki guy…

“On over-grown paths” – Knut Hamsun; my favourite writer of all time. I can forgive him everything. He is the POET, when you read him you must cry or throw your hands up to the sky.

“Rest is Noise” – Alex Ross; I'm reading it for second time. First time I did it compulsively, but now I'm reading it taking time and listening to stuff and that…

“Cerebus” – Dave Sim; Spanish comics freaks had been waiting a translation of this for ages. At last we cand read it in Spanish and all my expectations about it has been overtaken.

I also keep reading a lot of classic comics like Krazy Kat, Popeye, Terror EC Comics, Peanuts or Astérix…

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