Playlist: Pan Gu

Pan Gu is Leslie Low and Lasse Marhaug. Primeval Man Born of the Cosmic Egg will be available on LP via Utech Records in March 2013.

Lasse Marhaug:
Ingram Marshall: Fog Tropes
Michael Rother: Flammende Herzen
Jan Garbarek: Sart
Roland Kayn: Tektra
Anestis Logothetis: Electroacoustic Works
Altar of Flies: Let New Life Rise in the Face of Death

Rosemary's Baby [Criterion]
All Jean Rollin Blu-rays [Kino/Redeption]
The Passion of Joan of Arc [Eureka]
Silent Running [Eureka]
World on a Wire [Criterion]
Jess Franco's Excorcism [Kino]
Deep End [BFI]
The Life and Death of Colonell Blimp [BFI]

Leslie Low:
Dewa Alit - Gamelan Salukat
Evan Ziporyn - Gamelan Galak Tika
Jon Porras - Black Mesa
Gary Higgins - Red Hash
Egg / Uriel
Ural Umbo - Delusion of Hope
Ultralyd - Inertiadrome
Pandit Pran Nath
J. Krishnamurti

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hhhaaaooonnn said...

Nice one. Great to hear from Lasse Marhaug.
hadn't thrown on "Flammende Herzen" in a long time.
I'll take this as a good reason
Anestis Logothetis is an unknown legend. Noise grandpa, Respect.