Ritual Howls Self-Titled CS

This is good. Really, really good. I expected it to be good, but I had no idea it would be this good. I'm really kind of blown away by this, and while it won't appeal to all HSS readers, it should interest a lot of you.

Cold-sounding, lo-fi minimal post-punkish death rock from Detroit. Ritual Howls is a three-piece, with vocals, guitars, bass, drum machines and synths. The atmospheric and jangly guitar melodies here are incredible, and work well with the synths and drum machines to create a surreal sort of gloom; very introspective, and indeed cold. But still very infectious. I've played this tape four times consecutively now, and I can't get enough. I may just play this tape all day long, and quite happily.

The cassette was originally self-released by the band in an edition of 30, and was just recently pressed in an edition of 100 by Nostilevo. That edition of 100 sold out rather quickly, so it is being repressed and will be available for order soon (along with a repress of the Tollund Men cassette). For now, you can stream and/or download the 4-song EP from Nostilevo's Bandcamp.

Also keep in mind that Ritual Howls' debut LP will be out soon from Detroit's Urinal Cake Records.

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Grimlin said...

the Dream Affairs tape is really great too, surprised it's still available