Skagos - "Anarchic" News and Preorders

If you follow HSS regularly, you know that we've been trying to keep our readers informed as to the development of Skagos's forthcoming full length Anarchic. Two parts of the album have been released for digital experience via the Skagos Bandcamp page, and the time has come to reveal preorders for the cassette and CD versions, from Eternal Warfare and The Flenser, respectively,.

The cassette preorder from Eternal Warfare is part of Nate's fundraising for the Eternal Warfare Festival, planned for March 29-31st in Salem, Oregon. The festival will feature a ton of great musicians and bands, including Mania, Hell, Drought, Alda, Amarok, Lake of Blood, Barghest, L'Acephale, River, Novemthree, Aerial Ruin, Nulla Cur, and a whole host of others. For more information, go to Eternal Warfare's event page here, and to look at a bunch of different options for helping to fund the event, including the Anarchic preorders, go to the event's Kickstarter page.

The CD version will be released in April by The Flenser, and preorders have just gone live. The full album will feature over 60 minutes of music in two tracks, which contain a total of 7 movements. One of my favorite albums ever, this album has seen Skagos develop and expand their sound beyond that which is found on their previous works. It is challenging and engaging and I can't recommend it enough. It knocks me on my ass and brings me to the verge of tears every time. Get your preorder in for the CD here.

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