Venowl / Vaba Marat Split Cassette

Our friends in Venowl have some new good-time tunes for you to enjoy while roller skating, wearing leg-warmers, and sucking down cherry-flavored lollipops and soda pop. Good times, I tell you. Good times.

This is obviously assuming that your good times involve a dark, heavy and depraved blend of doom metal and noise. Because honestly, who's good times don't involve those things? This is quite raw, more raw than the more recent recordings, but I don't mean this to be a bad thing. It actually works quite well for these two tracks.

This was recorded some time ago, but there were a shit load of delays in getting this released. Alas, it is now out and available, via the tremendous folks over at Sanctum Abyss. You can also get it direct from the band via their Bandcamp page, where it will come with a digital download - perfect for your iPod and those rollerskating parties. That cute redhead Alison from down the street is gonna be there, and you'll want this to impress her. Trust me.

If you really want to impress her, you'll have that amazing Gnawed Gristle and Bone cassette, too. And even though the band is sold out of it (naturally, since it kicks ass), you can still get it from Ominous Silence, an amazing label in its own right.

The cute redhead is not going to approach you, obviously. So get your depravity on and make yourself likeable.

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