Vulgar Fashion - Self Titled 10" / CD

Leave it to our friends at Handmade Birds to unearth something like this...

This is the self-titled debut from Denton, Texas's electro-pop/punk band Vulgar Fashion. And it's pretty damn good. There has been a lot of this sort of music coming out over the past year or two, this sort of 80's-worshipping, synth-driven electronic pop with a punk attitude, and to be honest, a lot of it is crap. I like this stuff as much as anyone - I really, really do - but a lot of the recent material in this vein has just been uninspired and dreadfully bad. I'm not going to mention names, of course, because that's not what we do, and I probably can't remember the names of the forgettable slew of copy-cats anyway (funny how that works out...), but there are a number of really excellent exceptions, and Vulgar Fashion appear to be one of them. The 5 songs that make up this album are moody, edgy, and catchy as anything. There's also an acid-washed psychedelic feel to the album which I did  not expect, and which made this album feel really fresh, passionate, and genuine. I'm really impressed. It doesn't hurt that Colin Marston mixed and mastered it.

From the label:

"Vulgar fashion uncovers what heterosexual men think about when they see sexually provocative advertising (hint: it isn’t their girlfriends)...
Mmmmmagic ice cream. Maerc eci cigammmmM...
and stokes the flames of public panic and profit on paranoia over global contagions, extreme weather events, and food contamination scares, while mining our digital footprints to target us with ads and offers that appeal to our psychological profiles."

I admit that when I first read that, I was really unsure of what to do with it, but then I heard the album and it all (yes, ALL) made perfect sense. I have a feeling it will for you as well.

Preorders are up now for the vinyl 10" (on black or hot pink with green splatter) and CD at Handmade Birds (whose shipping is now processed by Thrill Jockey). Official release date is March 19th.

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