Crown of Bone split cassettes on Crucial Blast

There are two outstanding new split cassettes on Crucial Blast that you need to know about, and hopefully pick up ASAP. They both feature excellent Indiana harsh noise expert Crown of Bone, who here supplies some of the best work of his rapidly expanding discography. Crown of Bone consists of a former member of Demonologists, and that is easily discerned by the electronic, full-frontal assault of blackened, trance-inducing harsh noise, that, while often composed of static, low-end wall noise, still somehow manages to employ a very menacing dynamic that sometimes pushes the sound into dark- or ritual ambient territory. The deadly vocals probably have an awful lot to do with that. For more info on Crown of Bone, check out his Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

The first split is with mysterious California black metal outfit Law of the Rope. No one seems to know much about this outfit, but that is really of no consequence when the music is this good. I haven't heard a release of theirs that I don't like, and it had been a while since I'd heard something new, so this was very pleasing to see. They pair up nicely with Crown of Bone, presenting 4 songs and about 18 minutes of lo-fi black metal that really has no comparison; you can certainly file this in the "weirdo" variety of black metal, as these songs in particular are all over the place in terms of their sound. Sometimes focused on psychedelics and noise, and sometimes using a more traditional black metal sound, Law of the Rope will always, it seems, keep the listener guessing. Check out the Law of the Rope / Crown of Bone split cassette at the Crucial Blast Bandcamp - if you buy it from that page rather than the CB shop. you'll get to download the songs as well.

The other split cassette features another one of the more interesting and - quite honestly - deranged acts in all of black metal in Utarm. Utarm is also quite mysterious, and once you hear the music - if you haven't already - you will understand why. This is some of the most schizophrenic and psychotic music I've heard - which again makes it absolutely perfect to be on a split with Crown of Bone - and I love everything about it. Sometimes employing elements of drone and psychedelia, but firmly rooted in noise and black metal, the music has an out-of-touch, out-of-control, and claustrophobic quality that is hard to resist. And the tortured
 vocals harken back to those of the great Silencer. To some, that may be a deal-breaker, but to me, it makes it that much sweeter. Stream and purchase the cassette here.

Alternately, you can buy the cassettes from the Crucial Blast Shop.

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Joce said...

Concerning Law of the Rope, their 10'' EP «End of Mankind» under Triangulum Ignis, is very good as well!