Dream Affair "Endless Days" LP

Taking a look at Avant! 2011, we find Dream Affair’s full length, “Endless Days.”  This was, in my opinion, a shamefully overlooked instant modern classic for those who are into the neo post-punk and gothic rock movements these days.  These nine tracks switch between guitar led and synth led melodies.  I can’t help but be reminded of certain artists as I spin this on my turntable.  There are moments that make me think of The Cure’s early days.  Then, there are hints of a darker Joy Division .  And, when the contrasting male and female vocals run wild I am reminded of similar setups from old goth favorites like Gene Loves Jezebel and The March Violets.  Most of the vocals are male though, in case you’re wondering.  The overall sound would’ve fit in very well back in the heyday of London’s Batcave.  It makes me a little nostalgic for the exciting pioneer days of the eighties.  These comparisons are not to detract from the original sound of Dream Affair.  The fact that they don’t fit any one template or formula but remind me of a smattering of various artists is testimony to the fact that they have carved out their very own niche in today’s underground.  Available on CD or vinyl.  However, I recommend you choose the vinyl to bring back the warm fuzzies of yesteryear.  If you miss this, you’re really missing out.  While you’re at it, check out their new tape on Nostilevo.    

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