Exclusive Track Previews for A Death Cinematic, Blsphm, and i AM esper Releases from Tycho Magnetic Anomalies

Our friends at Tycho Magnetic Anomalies are preparing to bring us brand new releases in the coming days from three excellent and unique artists. The first is from longtime Hammer Smashed Sound favorite, the drone pioneer A Death Cinematic. The album is called Corrosions of Traveled Daydreams, and the release has been under intense review and preparation for months by Simple Box Construction. We are very happy and proud to bring you an exclusive preview track titled "Their Blades Warm With Blood, Their Eyes Hollow With Greed." It is as beautiful as it is dark and haunting, and seems to suggest a new, even more experimental and minimal path for A Death Cinematic. It may be one of my favorite A Death Cinematic tracks ever, and - trust me - that is saying quite a lot, as I am a big, big fan of the man's work. Enjoy the track below, and enjoy more of ADC's work here.

The second track we bring you is from Demian Johnston's outstanding drone/noise entourage Blsphm (who will be playing some shows with our friends in Sutekh Hexen next month at a few select spots on the West Coast). You may know Demian from his outstanding blog Dead Formats, but we would encourage you get acquainted with Blsphm right the fuck now. The track below is called "Curtains Sewn Shut" and is from the coming cassette The Ghosts in Our Clothes.

Finally, a preview track from a New Jersey ambient drone artist that I am altogether unfamiliar with called i AM esper. The release is called When The Sun Sets Over The Wilderness, And The Trees Rattle In The Growling Winds, and given the power of this track "When The Sun Sets Over The Wilderness" I think it's safe to say that I won't be unfamiliar with i AM esper for long. Enjoy.

All three of these releases will be available on March 15th from Tycho Magnetic Anomalies.

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