Gates - The Prevailing Wind & Moths Have Eaten the Core 12" LPs

Two absolute masterpieces of haunting, brooding, even creepy, dark ambient madness from our friend Bryan Bray, also known as Gates, are coming soon on vinyl. Both of these treatises on what happens when the abstract tones of dark ambient music are fused with the slow, plodding textures of doom and the fury and ferocity of black metal were originally released on other formats - Moths on CD, and ...Wind on limited edition cassettes - and have been long out of print. Soon, they will be back in print on the preferred vinyl format, but again in limited editions. Single copies of Moths Have Eaten the Core are available for preorder now from Anti-Matter Records (where you can also preorder the amazing Gnosis LP from psychedelic sludge/doom lords Swamp Witch), on purple vinyl. Single copies of The Prevailing Wind, on permafrost colored vinyl, are up for preorder from Ivory Antler.

Both labels are also selling very limited editions of both albums together, titled The Complete Sessions, on black vinyl, and packaged with exclusive inserts.

All editions are 180-gram vinyl, and have been mastered for vinyl by none other than James Plotkin.

It is not recommended that you wait to get these.

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