Amarok / Hell Split Cassette - EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM STREAM

The above photo is enlarged, and may throw off the look of the site, but it's fitting for this album.

What I present to you here is the recently released split cassette from two of the heaviest bands in existence - northern California's Amarok, and Salem, Oregon's Hell. The fact that this tape has been out for a couple of months and still so few people know about it has forced us to publish this, because it is truly incredible. Amarok's slow-moving, funeral-doom dirge "Red Oak Wisdom" is the a-side, and its eloquence is striking; alongside the guttural, cathartic, down-tuned doom metal of the first ten or so minutes, you'll find a heartbreaking violin track to bring the melancholy to the next level. The vocals see something of a change during this later part of the track as well, as you'll hear. They truly sound like someone trying to crawl out of the depths of hell.

The Hell side features the lone member of the band bringing things to creative new heights as well. Three tracks that essentially roll into one on possibly the heaviest thing your ears will ever experience. Tortured, raw, droning doom metal that is absolutely unforgiving in its brutality and despondency. The atmosphere on these songs is totally fucking demonic, too, which you know, if you're familiar with Hell, is very apt. Guest violins on the last track help bring the Hell side - and the album - to a close. True misery is often beautiful, and if you don't know what that means, you will by the time you've heard this.

This has been pressed on a limited number of cassettes by Vulture Print, with a remastered vinyl edition soon to follow from Pesanta Urfolk. Buy the cassette (only $5) today and wait patiently for the vinyl.

Also, I'd be remiss to not mention the Cold Blue Mountain tape on Vulture Print as well. I love when bands forsake the whole bullshit of genres and sub-genres and just bring straight-forward metal, which is what Cold Blue Mountain does. I didn't think I'd be all that into it, but I'm seriously fucking glad I was 100% wrong. Download it here, buy the tape here (comes with a download card), and/or buy the LP here, from Gogmagogical Records.

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