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I'm late on reviewing these but due to a request (or complaint?) I decided to provide some information/opinions on each tape. In this most recent (yet still not entirely new) batch Lust Vessel associates continue to hone various sounds that nod heavily to influences across the world, yet is distinguished more than anything by their acute attention to detail and high standards in terms of quality. As always the tapes are beautiful but that should be a given by now with this label. The Lebensfaden tape "Eine S├Ąttigung der Leere" stands above the rest, yet unfortunately it may be the hardest to find.

Lebensfaden - "Desnos"

Morbid industrial crawl as with previous material. Harkens back to early-mid 90s European sound. Two side-long tracks that uses the same drones and repetitious keen siren sound. The sound can get murky in a way that reminds me more of 90s Americanoise more than any of the usual influences this project mines. Overall this material does not maintain the same tension as other Lebensfaden material and I found myself bored by the end of the second side.

Lebensfaden - "Eine S├Ąttigung der Leere"

Immediately goes into howling and effected vocal sounds along with some of those rapidly fluctuating synth waverings that can only recall the likes of Atrax Morgue. The sound shifts pretty quickly here, with new sounds fighting to bubble up over the surface of the old ones. A tone of anxiety and anticipation prevails here as always with the best of this project's material. Here Lebensfaden works with a finite number of elements on each side, bringing sounds in and out over a constant cloying drone. The beginning of the B-side contains a moment in which it seems Lebensfaden may be introducing a beautiful synth melody, yet this is instantaneously crushed by ugly mashing distortion to my great satisfaction. On both sides the heavily effected human voice begins to merge seamlessly with the piercing synthetic howls, making the whole thing feel like some sort of perverse medical experiment. This is the best Lebensfaden material to date.

Parijna - "The Age of Scentless Imperiment"

New artist, new label (I won't even try to spell it) and an inscrutable title - we're off to a perfect start. Parijna's sound is not far from Prurient circa Rose Pillar. He doesn't employ the more piercing tones that were once Prurient's trademark, but there is lots of thundering, shuddering distortion sweeping across tranquil synth pads. Some minimal rhythmic elements that pop in at the end of side A don't do anything to discourage the comparison. Here's the thing - if I was handed this and told it was the new Prurient tape I would probably say it's the best thing he's done since his track on the "Around The Dragon's Broken Neck Hangs The Medal Of Saint Lazarus".

Ultimastanza - "Corpse Talk For The Downright Passiveness"

Again, how can you go wrong with a title like that? Ultimastanza has the roughest, most low-fi sound of all the artists in this batch and maybe of the entire Lust Vessel stable. It's reminiscent of the most disorienting, disturbing early material of Mauthausen Orchestra but isn't so heavily predicated on that exact sound as to seem like simple imitation. The sound is low-fi enough that it doesn't really galvanize, instead sounding like a field recording made in the depths of hell on a shitty tape recorder. Distant howls and screams struggle to make their way through crumbling distortion. There is no particular structure to the proceedings, though I didn't find myself wishing thee was any. The A-side and B-side sound essentially like continuations of each other, with the B-side slowly and nearly indiscernibly building but never reaching climax.

Ultimastanza - "Dunghill"

"Dunghill" offers a more dynamic approach to the Ultimastanza sound while retaining the dirt and confusion of previous efforts. This effort is superior to the other Ultimastanza tape in this batch because it feels driven and focused while still retaining the elements that made the other tape so bizarre. Here similar sounds from the previous tape are utilized as a foundation on which to build electronic scraping and squealing that sounds, more than anything else in this batch, distinctly Japanese. It's hardly a homage to typical 90s Japanoise though as it's much more atmospheric. Ultimastanza is honing a promising sound that melds transcontinental influences to great effect in its finer moments. This tape is thus far the best representation of the Ultimastanza sound, though it still doesn't stand above the best efforts in the Lust Vessel catalog.

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