Playlist: Jeremy Bible

Jeremy Bible is a sound and visual artist who has seen more than a dozen of his albums released, including an excellent collaborative album with Jason Henry. His work is highly experimental, situated mostly in the realm of drone and ambient sounds, and his material is always on the cutting edge of those genres. He is also the man behind the great label and record shop Experimedia, which is, for me and many others, the go-to place for a wide variety of experimental music. Personally speaking, I can also say that his taste in music is impeccable, and has had a great influence on my buying and listening habits over the past couple of years. For more info, check out the Experimedia Facebook and Twitter pages, and make a habit of reading the online magazine.

Some of my favorite things recently:

Escaping email.
Working with processing and max/msp.
Revisiting the entire Raster-Noton catalog.
Not smoking cigarettes finally (and feeling better and more productive because of it).
Working more... talking less.
Reading books more often: mostly physics/science/tech/theory/
Nice weather/biking/hiking/camping with family.
Working on music outside of the studio.
Raw tuna.
Hummos with pretzel crisps.
Turkey Burgers.
Jumping rope.
Working with video.
Working on new album (going on 3 years in progress now).

Florian Hecker - Seeing him live in quad in Oberlin the other week was a religious experience.  Picked up his Chimerizations book.  Wonderful!
Kink Gong
Kangding Ray
Ryoji Ikeda
Daniel Menche
Svarte Greiner
Paul Jebanasam
Duane Pitre
Jacob Kirkegaard
Peter Kolovos

Upstream Color
Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (doc about artist Anselm Kiefer)
Valhalla Rising
Indie Sci-Fi Dramas
The Master

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