Terence Hannum's "Dread Majesty" newspaper + cassette

Artist, musician and HSS friend Terence Hannum has a new publication out now via Accidental Guest Recordings. The publication, titled Dread Majesty, comes in the form of a full-color newspaper and cassette tape limited to 100 copies.

This is the second in a series of newspaper/cassette releases with Accidental Guest, the first being 2012's In The Sign, which showcased gouache drawings, digital drawings, and sculptures inspired by the use of the pentagram/pentagon in both heavy metal and ancient cults.

Dread Majesty features collages, which, as Hannum stated in a recent interview with HSS, are " ... a move away from heavy metal ... towards the sublime." This is achieved by juxtaposing disembodied masses of hair with scenes of mountains and ice. The cassette expands upon his interest in sublimity with two new solo compositions, "The Idea of the Sacred" and "Up to the Threshold." Not unlike his work with Locrian, these tracks combine synth-driven rhythms with elements of noise and black metal.

You can pick up a copy from Accidental Guest's webstore for only $10. There is also a special edition of Dread Majesty available exclusively at Hannum's webstore. For $100, you get a copy of Dread Majesty, as well as your choice of one of the remaining original collages featured in the publication.

"The Idea of the Sacred" is streaming below, and an excerpt of "Up to the Threshold" can be heard in the flip-through video.

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