Four new releases from Utech Records

Utech Records is back with four exciting new releases.

A few years in the making, Away's first solo album, Cities, compiles field recordings made in Montreal and while touring the world with Voivod. It's unlike anything you might expect from a member of Voivod, which makes it all the more interesting. The artwork was taken from Away's travel sketchbook and the album is limited to 500 copies on CD. The first 30 copies are signed, so act fast.

Burning Tree is a harsh free jazz duo from Norway. Following Stinger, their first cassette release on The Tapeworm, Lammergyer is their first full-length record and also their first vinyl release. Featuring artwork by Arik Roper, this album is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and comes with a digital download.

Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids is the newest release from David J. Smith's The Stargazer's Assistant. The first half of the record, Mirrors & Tides, is a new EP featuring contributions from Circle vocalist Mika Rättö. Those of you who purchased the URSK Box or any of the titles from the URSK series might recognize the Shivers & Voids material, which has been incorporated into this 2x10" release. The two 10" records are presented in a 20"x20" poster sleeve with artwork from Patti Jordan. Like the Burning Tree release, this is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and comes with a digital download.

K11's Another Temple To The Great Beast 666 continues Pietro Riparbelli's aural investigations of occult sites. Utilizing shortwave radio receivers to capture sounds, signals, and found ambience, this "Instrumental Transcommunication Action" took place in the Temple of Diana in Cefalù, Italy, the town in which Aleister Crowley founded the Abbey of Thelema. Viral Graphics created a number of drawings relating to Crowley and the Temple of Diana, which were printed on a clear material to allow for a variety of artwork configurations. Limited to 300 copies on CD.

Additional information and full album streams can be found at the Utech Records website. These titles will be available tonight at midnight.

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