Playlist: Dag Stiberg

Dag Stiberg is the saxophone player in the sax/drum duo Burning Tree. He is also member of metal oddities Trollfest, balkanpsychedelia band Now We've Got Members and noise duo Maranata – part of the collective running the Metronomiconaudio label in Oslo, Norway. Burning Tree's new album, Lammergyer, will be released by Utech Records on July 27.

Norwegian records:

Haust – No (Fysisk Format 2013)
Garbage-metal with extreme attitude.

Årabrot – Solar Anus (Fysisk Format 2013)
Another garbage-metal band but with a touch more noiserock.

Magnus Moriarty – Perhaps Interior Heart Politeness (Metronomiconaudio 2008)
Sunshine psychedelia.

Nekromantheon – Rise, Vulcan Spectre (Indie Recordings)
Oldschool trash-metal.

Urgehal- Ikonoklast (Season of Mist 2009)
Oldscool black-metal.

Thorns – Thorns (Moonfog 2001)
Black-metal with legendary Snorre Ruch on guitars.

Andre Borgen – Todays (Metronomiconaudio 2012)
It dosen't get more indie than Andre Borgen.

The Tongues of Mount Neru (Lasse Marhaug, Jon Wesseltoft) – The Ocean of Milk (Important records 2011)
Beatiful drone record with a huge psycoacoustic impact.

Aura Noir – Out to Die (Indie Records 2012)
Black-trash-metal with impossible guitarriffs from Blasphemer.

Not Norwegian records:

Cathrine Ribeiro + Alpes – Paix (Phillips 1972)
Nice french prog record

Diamanda Galas – The litanies of satan (Mute records 1982)
I've listened to this record for ten years and it still does a emotional impact on me.

Borbetomagus and Hijokaidan – Both Noises End Burning (les disques victo 2007)
I love Borbetomagus and they have influenced me heavy.

Abe Kaoru – solo live at Gaya (DIW records 1990)
This is my favorite saxophone player. It's really sad that he didn't live longer.

John Coltrane - Olatiunji sessions (Impulse 2001)
Well, I am a saxophone player and Coltrane is the most known sax-player. This is the last record and I think it is his best. He died a couple of months later and they are really playing like it's his last concert with Pharoah Sanders desperatly screaming his head out on the saxophone

Jooklo duo – Free serpents (Qbico 2007)
I love the free spirit of this drum/saxophone duo from Italy.

Magma - Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (A&M records 1973)
I was on a concert with Magma three years ago and they are still great.

Ornette Coleman - Of human feelings (Columbia 1982)
The coolest of Colemans fusion-projects with a double quartets. One frijazzquartet and one funkquartet.

Israel Martinez - El Hombre Que Se Sofoca (Sub Rosa 2011)
Just a really beatiful noise record.

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