Playlist: Dustin Redington

Dustin Redington is the man behind a whole host of dark, noise-laden projects, currently including Crown of Bone, Tenebrious, Ropes of Our Father, Religion of the Blood and his own unbelievably killer label, Occult Supremacy (which will be shutting down later this year, so if you want to support his label, the time is now). His latest releases with Crown of Bone and Tenebrious have come out on such great labels as Crucial Blast, Altar of Waste, and Obfuscated Records, and Occult Supremacy has put out great recordings by Cory Strand, Ritual Stance, Abyzm, Wet Dream Asphyxiation, and many others. Dustin has also at one time or another been a part of The Doctrine of Flesh, Demonologists, Horror Chains, Ensepulchred, Puritan Sword, Satanic Ceremony, and the label Ministries of Blood Recordings.


irr. app. (ext.) + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "Discordant Convergence" Collaboration CD (Phage Tapes)

The Cherry Point "Misery Guts" CD (Phage Tapes)

Nightbringer / Dødsengel "Circumambulations of The Solar Inferno" Split CD (Daemon Worship Productions)

NettleCarrier "Self Titled" CD (Indie Recordings)

Xasthur "Portal of Sorrow" (Disharmonic Variations)

Portal "Vexovoid" CD (Profound Lore)

Altar of Plagues "Teethed Glory & Injury" CD (Profound Lore)

Mors Sonat "Comforts In Atrocity" CD (Crucial Blast)

Rotorvator "I Vivi E I Morti" CD (Crucial Blast)

Actuary "The Reality Is The Dream Is Dead" CD (Crucial Blast)

Dead Raven Choir "Schmerzensgewalt" CD (Aurora Borealis)

Dead Raven Choir "My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind" CD (Aurora Borealis)

Sutekh Hexen "Empyräisch" + "The Power to Condemn" CD + 3" CDR (Petit Mal Records)

Steel Hook Prostheses "The Empirics Guild" CD (Malignant Records)

RxAxPxE "Of My Own Free Will" CD (Assembly of Hatred)

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