Playlist: K11

K11 is the project of Italian philosopher, composer, and sound-multimedia artist, Pietro Riparbelli. K11's music addresses "the world of radio signals, the trans-communication and other invisible phenomena, to create a dimension where the only sound sources are signals from shortwave radio receivers and field recordings taken from very specific locations." Previous records have been released by the likes of Aurora Borealis, 20 Buck Spin, Actual Noise, Afe Records, Old Europa Cafe, and Riparbelli's own Radical Matters - Editions. K11's new album, Another Temple to the Great Beast 666, will be released by Utech Records on July 27. For more information about Riparbelli and K11, visit

1 Franco Battiato - Plancton

2 Iannis Xenakis - Orient - Occident

3 CCCP - Fedeli alla linea

4 Pietro Grossi - Progetto2-3

5 Franco Battiato - Anafase

6 Cocteau Twins - Oomingmak

7 Virgin Prunes - If I die I die

8 Paul Chain - In the Darkness

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