Medusa - Divine Malice 12"

Atmosphere has meant a lot to various forms of metal for decades, and this is probably more true today than it has ever been. But sometimes we focus too much on atmosphere and forget the basis of any good metal song, album, or band - the riffs.

This latest EP from Bloomington, Indiana's Medusa should serve as a reminder to anyone and everyone who loves metal that riffs often make the band. Divine Malice comes loaded with plenty of riffs and an intensity of performance that will make even the best eat their hearts out. This album is a fucking burner of a album, from start to finish, embracing everything good about pure, unadulterated, ass-kicking metal. Listen to "Come Alive" below and I think you'll have little choice but to agree that this is fucking awesome. Then go to the Auris Apothecary Bandcamp, or to the band's Bandcamp to stream the rest of the record.

And for fuck's sake the packaging on this one is just killer, as we have really come to expect from Auris Apothecary. The outer jacket is simple but exquisite - a glossy black jacket with a silver silkscreen-print of the cover that you see above. The record itself is on 150 gram clear vinyl, with black marbling that gives it a smoky look. The silver silkscreen-print on the b-side of the 12" is seriously awesome, as you can also see in the bottom picture above. Also includes a lyric book featuring black ink on black paper. The download code that comes with each record also gives you a bonus in the form of the two-song Crack & Bleed EP, exclusively available as a supplement to this album.

Don't hesitate - get this at the soonest possible convenience from our friends at Auris Apothecary. The cassette is pretty sweet too, but the vinyl is really where it's at for this album.

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