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Tara Vanflower is that chick from Lycia. She has been a member since singing on The Burning Circle and then Dust and then performing on the subsequent tour and never left the band. She has recorded two solo albums, written several books, and has a few side projects and guest appearances with some cool bands like Type O Negative and Oneiroid Psychosis, amongst others. Her stalking paid off in 1996 when she finally married Mike Vanportfleet and sealed the deal in 2011 with the birth of their son Dirk Alrik. Visit her on Facebook and Twitter

My weird playlist….

The Bible – It’s the Bible. It’s inspiring. From birth, to death, to rebirth, to blood, and darkness, to light.

Trashy vampire novels - All of them.

Mike Vanportfleet – This may seem somewhat self-serving, but I was a fan before I was a Lycian and before I was married to him. I’ve never known anyone who works as hard as him. His work ethic is inspiring. And exhausting. And his music is pretty rad.

Pam Swynford De Beaufort – This is the kind of woman I want to be. Minus the killing people. Well, maybe…if I had her power I would rid the earth of those who should be gotten rid of. (Is that proper English?) But anyway… Her self-assured power is inspiring.

Dreams – The single most thing that inspires me. Every book I write is based on a dream I’ve had. Lyrics. Ideas. Everything I create is generally based on dreams.  Generally speaking, my days are stained with the dream I had the night before. Good and bad.

The Cure – changed my life. While I no longer connect to them as a 16 year old girl in my bedroom in my parents’ house… I cannot deny the fact that this band shaped who I am, and pointed me in a direction that directly resulted in where I am right now. And the music I loved all those years ago is still as brilliant as it ever was.

Orion – I don’t know why, but this constellation and the feeling that it invokes in me has always been tangible.

Black Mare – Field of the Host – I probably sound like some sycophant at this point for the amount of times I have mentioned my love of Sera Timms’ album, but it’s that good. It reminds me of a lost time or another dimension where animals can speak and the moon is always in the sky.

Let The Right One In – This movie is perfect.  There’s something sweet about the love story, and sad when you realize eventually the little boy will be replaced by yet another little boy.

Time – The past. The future. The actual passing of time. Every second that dies and moves on. Time is tangible in weird ways. I hate it. And I am always hoping some day it stops.

The Shining – I would never want to live in a Kubrick film, but I can’t help but get sucked into them. And this is my favorite. Probably my favorite movie of all-time despite the fact that it’s fucking terrifying.

God – Where everything stems from. The goal to become perfect is something I torture myself over. Despite knowing it isn’t possible. And I am loved no less for it. I don’t judge others by the same measuring stick.

Swans – If you don’t like Swans something is seriously wrong with you.

Television – The actual television.  I like soap operas and I like stupid reality tv. I like educational programs about history/science/nature. I like cartoons, sitcoms, and dramas. I’m well rounded. Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Vikings, True Blood, Deadwood, Lost, Fringe, Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story, Adventure Time, Green Lantern, Regular Show, etc etc etc. I like television. And the band was good too.

Alternate Dimensions – One of the things that completely inspires me is the idea of alternate dimensions and the possibility that they exist. Time travel, string theory, that maybe when we dream we’re tapping into alternate dimension… the reason someone seems so familiar is that we know them somewhere else… all of it inspires me. I choose to believe.

Old country and bluegrass music – An integral part of my formative years.  It’s the only music I heard in my house, so it had a profound effect on me. My grandpa played fiddle and we went to bluegrass shows regularly. We watched all the variety shows (on tv! See, I told you it was important) like Heehaw, Dolly, The Mandrell Sisters, The Grand Ole Opry, Austin City Limits etc. My mom also played old country gospel records and we used to have a group stay at our house when they came through our area.

The Characters in my head – Essential to existence. Patiently sitting there waiting for their stories to be told.


Ancient Rome

The Pleiades

Various scents – hyacinth, daffodil, earth, leaves, rain in the desert, cut grass, coffee, lily of the valley, mesquite burning, orange blossoms, irises, summer in Ohio…

The Moon



Dead people

Too many bands to mention: past, present, future

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