Playlist: Mike Weis

For the last decade, percussionist Mike Weis' main gig has been with the Chicago band Zelienople. The band has released music on various record labels scattered around the world but Type seems to be their current home, releasing their last three LPs. Other projects include a duo with Scott Tuma (Digitalis), a trio with Tuma and Matt Christensen called Good Stuff House (Root Strata, Time-Lag and Indian Queen Records), and an improvisation trio with Neil Jendon and Andre Foisy (Locrian) called Kwaidan that recently released an album on Bathetic Records. He has also contributed percussion recordings for albums by Xela from the U.K., Black To Comm from Germany, Sweden's Jasper TX and America's The North Sea, Morning Recordings and Mind Over Mirrors. In addition to these experimental projects, Weis has studied West African rhythms with Ghanaian master drummer Gideon Foli Alorwoyie, and has also studied traditional Korean Pungmul drumming from the Korean-American group Ilkwanori. Weis has of late turned to the solo format to experiment with ideas that haven't found a place in his group projects. New York's Barge Recordings released his debut solo album, Loop Current/Raft in 2011. Weis will play the second Utech Records Music Festival on December 6 as a member of Kwaidan.

Here's a mix that I created that focuses on the human voice with only minor accompaniment, mainly from percussion. Singing and drumming, the oldest forms of expression.

1. Meredith Monk - Evening - Book Of Days
2. Philip Glass - Vessels - Koyaanisqatsi
3. Various - Pengaksama - Voices of Bali
4. Roscoe Holcomb - I am a Man of Constant Sorrow - An Untamed Sense Of Control
5. Kim Duk Soo - Kwigok - Spirit of Nature
6. Krzysztof Penderecki - Utrenja - Par1:Irmos - Utrenja
7. Boubacar Diagne - Women's Chorus - Tabala Wolof  Sufi Drumming Of Senegal
8. Tibetan Buddhist Monks - Large ‘Mani-Wheel’, with Mantra - Tibetan Buddhist Rites From the Monasteries of Bhutan
9. Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel 3 - Rothko Chapel
10. Chorale Of Eglise Querin - Dominus - Gregorian Chants Vol. 2
11. Richard Youngs - No Longer In This Perdition - Summer Wanderer
12. Vera Hall - Death Have Mercy - Sounds Of the South
13. Gnawa - Collectif/Bouyandi - Gnawa Home Songs
14. Moroccan Musicians - Wedding Song - Passion Sources
15. Gyorgy Ligeti - Lux Aeterna - Lux Aeterna
16. Korean Buddhist Monks - The Heart Sutra - Echoes Of The Great Pines - The Monks Of Songgwangsa Temple
17. Confrérie Halvèti - La récitation du Coran - Derviches tourneurs de Turquie - La Cérémonie des Mevlevî
18. Keiji Haino - Tenshi No Gijnka 1 - tenshi No Gijnka
19. Steve Reich - Proverb - Phases

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