Hell / מזמור Split LP

The two men that have made the music that comprises this split LP are making some of the heaviest, most crushing music on the planet. Time and again these one-man bands have delivered what so many doom bands promise but just can't live up to - creating power, thoughtful, and emotionally cathartic doom that literally shakes the ground that you walk on. What makes both of these bands so good is that they realize that there is much more to making doom than just riffs, fusing their plodding, slow-drone rhythms with a bleak and claustrophobic atmosphere that will drag you in to their post-apocalyptic worlds. The songs are dark and grim but at the some time illuminating, in that they have the potential to show you things about the world and about yourself that you did not know before. Each band's contribution brings to this split LP are no exception, and show both artists to be at the absolute top of their game.

You may already be familiar with M.S.W. of Hell. The more well-known of the two bands on the LP, Hell has released 3 full lengths and a number of splits, and has toured the US and played festivals such as Stella Natura and the first Gilead Media Fest. The 15-minute Hell track on this LP, "Foetorem Timere," is divided into three parts that flow into one another very organically. This starts with a gorgeous, folk-ish acoustic piece that in the second part turns electric, gradually getting darker and murkier. The atmosphere is enhanced by a reading of what I think is a biblical passage, and whoever does this reading sounds like he believes that all hope is lost. And then the doom comes in - cacophonous slabs of feedback-soaked doom that crawl along as the third part of the song develops, finally coming to a close with some leftover feedback and pure droning darkness. It culminates with one more short reading from that same biblical passage, to deliver us.

מזמור is the more obscure of these two artists, but hopefully that will start to change here, as the band (whose name is perhaps more recognizable as Mizmor) adds a 15 minute track to the other side of the LP. The Mizmor song, titled "Epistemological Rupture," begins with a brutal, fast paced assault of of crushing riffage, before slowing way the fuck down and adding some severely terrorizing, blackened vocals to let you know that you are in a very evil place. The guitars are on this track are so dense and thick that they threaten to break down at any and every second, sending the song into total chaos. But A.L.N. never lets loses control - and that is his mastery here, as he allows the song to spiral into near-disarray, pulling the reigns in only when absolutely necessary. As the song closes with a beautiful and sorrowful melody, I am reminded of one important fact that this music reflects.

There is darkness that obscures all light in shadow, and there is darkness that transcends - a radiant darkness that allows you to see your path. The music on this LP is of the latter variety, finely crafted and powerfully performed.

This will be delivered in late December or early January, on 180-gram black vinyl limited to 500 copies, and will include a 12x18 black and white two-sided insert with information and lyrics. You can listen to short previews and preorder now, from either of the bands, here or here.

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