Playlist: Dead Neanderthals

Photo by Thijmen Sietsma

Dutch sax/drums duo Dead Neanderthals will slap you in the face with their new wave of Dutch heavy jazz and you won’t look pretty afterwards. These dudes will serve you some harsh improv and play it with the intensity of a death metal band. They released albums on Utech Records, Gaffer Records and Grindcore Karaoke. Dead Neanderthals did shows with Shining (No), Napalm Death, Staer, MoHa!, Gum Takes Tooth, and Gnod just to name a few, and played festivals like Incubate, Le Guess Who?, Valkhof Festival, Solomacello, Gaffer Fest and many more.

Dead Neanderthals will play the second Utech Records Music Festival on December 6. A new fest-only cassette release will be available.


The Body - All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood
If your doom doesn't have a choir, start again.

John Coltrane - The Olatunji Concert
The first time I heard this I thought there was light coming out of my speakers.

DONNé ET DESIRéE - Three World Premieres
A drummer who tries not to drum, a guitarist who doesn't play a lot either. Soothing.

Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain
Party music.

Svartvit - Auto-da-Fé
Support your local harsh noise violence artist ...


Majeure - Solar Maximum
The closest you'll ever get to being in space.

Snowstorm - 7"
This record will knock you down in 30 seconds. You won't be able to get up during the remaining six and a half minutes.

Okkultokrati - Snakereigns
Sleazy and rancid. Metal and punk. Killer record!

Will Guthrie - Snake Eyes
Solo drummer with a story to tell. More interesting to listen to than 99% of the bands out there.

Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Blodsprut - Split 7"
Two of my favorite grindcore/noisecore acts on 1 disc. Punishing!

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