Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra 2xLP

It's been a fucking brilliant year for death metal. I've written before how death metal has never been my favorite sub-genre of metal, and how I'm very, very picky about it, so for me to tote a death metal album as one of the best albums of the year signifies something - at least it does if my stupid opinion means anything to you. In a year that has seen the release of outstanding new albums from the likes of Gorguts, Portal, Ulcerate, Lantern, Tribulation, Craven Idol, and a slew of others, I think it says quite a lot that the US's Ævangelist have produced by far the best death metal album this year.

Omen Ex Simulacra is a beast of a record - a record whose technicality doesn't get in the way of its menacing darkness and thick, haunting atmosphere. The claustrophobic feel of the record I can only compare to that of Portal's most recent works, but it's not quite that chaotic. Form and content do not do battle on these songs, as they might in the hands of less visionary or talented artists; in this case, they form a perfect gestalt of aura and expertise, making this record tough to compete with.

In lieu of my incessant babbling about how good this record is, I will direct you to the Debemur Morti Bandcamp page to stream it in full, or download it if you so choose. The digipack CD edition is available now, and the vinyl is just a few days away. Both can be ordered now from Debemur Morti. HINT: The gatefold 2xLP features two bonus tracks. Some pretty t-shirt packages are also available to order.

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