New Tapes from Psychic Violence

Three new tapes are available from our friends at Psychic Violence Records. All of them are excellent, must-haves by any standard. As one of them is already sold out, so I will make this brief.

Vilkacis features a member of Fell Voices and Sleepwalker playing intense, driven black metal. Unbelievable.

Aurvandil is a bad you should already be familiar with. If you're not, then it's high time you listen to them, and this release is perfect. Over 1 hour of strangely familiar black metal. This will be issued on double LP by Eisenwald some time in 2014, but don't wait. Get this now. It's worth having on two formats anyway.

Urzeit features members of Ash Borer and Mizmor, and while the tape is short, it is still amazing. It's already sold out from Psychic Violence, but there are still a few available here and here. Don't wait, these will be gone soon.

These will all be gone soon. As I said, PV has no Urzeit tapes left, and the Vilkacis and Aurvandil tapes are nearly gone as well. This is not material you want to miss, so get moving. Listen to samples, and then buy them here.

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