Sutekh Hexen - Become LP, and Uzala - Tales of Blood & Fire LP

You may recall that Sutekh Hexen's Become album was originally released on a reel-to-reel format by Auris Apothecary. That obviously eliminated a bunch of people from being able to hear it, but it had to be expected that it would eventually be available on a different format. King of the Monsters stepped up and issued this killer album on vinyl quite a few months back, and though the gold edition sold out long ago, the black vinyl is still available. The LP contains 30 minutes of killer riffs and lots of electronic noise and distorted vocals. Other bands do this, but few (Venowl and a couple others come to mind) do it quite so well as Sutekh Hexen does. If you were unable to obtain or play the reel-to-reel, you would be well-served to grab this ASAP from our friends at King of the Monsters.

And while I have been fairly vocal about my distaste for bands aping that "classic doom" sound, there are those that are producing some pretty damn good music that fits in that category but also brings more to the table than the many pretenders. Uzala is one of those bands that I truly enjoy, because they are writing really good songs, with original, catchy, and ultra-heavy dooms riffs, incorporating lots of hazy psychedelia, and mixing in some of the best doom vocals I've heard in a while. Don't take my word for it, though - click through to their Bandcamp page above and listen for yourself. You can also buy the LP there, but if you're buying the Sutekh Hexen LP above, you may as well buy them both from King of the Monsters and save on shipping.

King of the Monsters, by the way, is a young label doing a hell of a damn good job with their releases, and one that deserves, and to me at least, has earned our constant support.

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