Hammerheart Brewing Company WINTERBLOT Tap Takeover and Metal Fest

So this is pretty fucking awesome...

Hammerheart Brewing Company (which, if you don't know, is co-owned and run by Panopticon's Austin Lunn) is putting on a pretty damned awesome celebration of the coming of winter in Minneapolis, MN, on December 20th. The Winterblot Tap Takeover and Metal Fest has a lineup that you'll be quite sorry to miss if you can't make it (like myself). The UK's Wodensthrone and Maine's Falls of Rauros will be headlining the festival, which will also featuring performances by False, Obsidian Tongue, Nechochwen, and Woman is the Earth.

There will be a special "Fest Only" brew, as well as Festival Merch. All the info you need is on the flyer and in the links above, and you should seriously look into attending this if you haven't already. While I haven't yet made it out to Hammerheart, I have tasted a couple of Austin's brews, and the few I've had are mighty. If you like metal and beer and live in in or will be in the area of Minneapolis ON December 20th, you've no reason not to attend.

Hopefully, this is a recurring thing, and I will at sometime in the future see some of you at one of these!

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Tammy said...

Nice typography. Like several of the font styles on that poster.