Now Streaming - Aelter - "Love Eternal" LP

As today is the official release date for this remarkably beautiful LP, it is with great pleasure that Hammer Smashed Sound brings to you a full album stream of  Love Eternal, the new record 3+ years in the making from Aelter.

You should remember the 3rd Aelter album, Clarity, being released by Eternal Warfare and Handmade Birds, back in 2011. And while I absolutely adore that record, I am happy to say that Blake has raised the bar with this one. It is eerily haunting, brooding, and moody, and although those three characteristics would normally describe an invariably dark record, for some reason Love Eternal shines with a unmistakably bright light. It is by all means a dark journey, twisting and turning in a haze of psychedelic Americana, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel coming from a mile away.  With the full album stream below, you are hereby invited to get lost in this record. Enjoy.

The LP is available now from the always excellent Pesanta Urfolk.

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